Antarctica Seasonal Highlights

The Antarctic region is spectacular throughout the austral summer months when cruises operate but each period has its own highlights. For photography, the light can be quite intense in high summer, but you can watch for wildlife day or night.

October & November (spring / early summer)

  • The start of the season; landing sites are at their most pristine
  • Penguin courtship rituals and nest building
  • Elephant seals actively courting on South Georgia
  • Spring flowers in bloom on the Falkland Islands
  • Emperor penguins on the frozen Weddell Sea

December & January (high summer)



  • Penguin chicks hatch first in the Falklands and South Georgia, followed by the Antarctic Peninsula
  • The mildest months and longest hours of daylight
  • Seal pups on South Georgia
  • Christmas and New Year with a difference!

February & March (late summer)


  • Whale watching is at its best
  • Penguin colonies very active with mischievous chicks
  • Receding ice allows for easier exploration
  • Fur seals most commonly seen on the Peninsula
  • Young fur seals very playful on South Georgia

Antarctic Wildlife | Top 5 Experiences

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