Seasonal Highlights

The summer season between June and September offers the best conditions for exploration by ship as the warmer weather melts the sea ice and the region awakens.

June (late spring and early summer)

  • The start of the season and the most adventurous time to travel
  • Midnight sun
  • Longer hours of daylight for spotting wildlife
  • Arctic flora blooming

greenland west coast ilulissat midnight sun vg

July (high summer)

  • Birds breeding optimising chances of encountering large numbers
  • Warmest month
  • Belugas in Hudson Bay


August & September (late summer)

  • Region is most accessible as pack ice has largely broken up (some routes can never be guaranteed)
  • Light is softer and generally better for photographic purposes


October & November (no voyages available)

  • Polar bears gather near Churchill, Canada awaiting the winter freeze


The trip was extraordinary - and oddly seems to become more so each time I talk to someone about it.
Joanne Stone
North Pole Voyage

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