Arctic Canada holidays

This region refers to the area of Canada above the Arctic Circle scaling an expanse of wilderness from the Northwest Territories to the Yukon Mountains and the Arctic archipelago of Nunavat. With a relatively small population of around 100,000, nearly sixty per cent of Canada’s Inuit inhabit this area.

The Nunavat Archipelago

Covering an expanse of about 2.2 million sq km, this archipelago ranges from Ellesmere Island to the north, Baffin Island to the east and Victoria Island to the west.

Ellesmere Island is home to a national park and vast areas of pure wilderness, fjords, glaciers and icecaps. The island’s remote and northerly location, just 800 km from the North Pole, reaches Cape Columbia, which is the most northerly point of North America. The spectacular mountainous terrain will leave you in awe of this beautiful island ‘on top of the world’.

Travelling south from Ellesmere Island you reach the smaller Island of Cornwallis where you will find one of the coldest inhabited places in the world, Resolute, with average yearly temperatures of -14.5°C. A small Inuit community on the south coast, with a population of just 200, was founded after WWII when an air-base was built by the Canadian Government to protect territorial claims. The airport is now the hub of the town which forms the base for many explorers to the region.

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Baffin Island

Westwards from Cornwallis Island is Baffin Island, named after the explorer William Baffin. The largest island in Canada it forms part of the Nunavat archipelago. With a population of 11,000 the capital Nunavat, Iqaluit, meaning 'salmon trout' is located on the south eastern coast. With a mountainous region - the Baffin Mountains - Mount Odin is the highest peak standing between 2,143 m and 2,147 m high. Wildlife includes Arctic fox, polar bear, Arctic wolf, barren-ground caribou and the Arctic hare.

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Somerset Island

Also part of this remote archipelago, Somerset Island is a large uninhabited island to the west of Baffin Island. It is renowned for large numbers of beluga whales that congregate in Cunningham Islet during the summer offering superb opportunities for close-up encounters with this distinctive cetacean, based at a safari-style camp


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Arctic Canada holidays

Baffin Island & West Greenland Adventure

from £7377
Exc. flights
10-11 nights | Aug-Sep
  • Cruise


Iceland, Greenland & Baffin Island

from £10100
Exc. flights
17 nights | Aug
  • Cruise


Discovery at Arctic Watch

from £9887
Exc. flights
7 - 9 nights | Jun - Aug
  • Escorted


Baffin Island Explorer

from £7992
Exc. flights
11 nights | Aug
  • Cruise


Canadian High Arctic Explorer

from £7608
Exc. flights
9 nights | Aug
  • Cruise


Newfoundland, Labrador & the Torngat Mountains

from £4415
Exc. flights
10 nights | July
  • Cruise


Greenland and Wild Labrador Cruise

from £6808
Exc. flights
14 nights | Sep
  • Cruise


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