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Canada is a country where stunning scenery and incredible wildlife abound. From grizzly to polar bears, whales and wolves, as well as cougars, moose and bald eagles, Canada is famed for its amazing wildlife encounters. Our collection of dedicated wildlife holidays offers a wide range of memorable wildlife experiences, all set to the incredible back drop of epic landscapes and rugged coastlines.


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Bear watching

Many of our Canada holidays include the chance to go in search of grizzlies, black bears, spirit bears or the mighty polar bear. For something a bit special though, a cruise in the Great Bear Rainforest offers the chance to see the Kermode (or spirit) bear, a rare subspecies of the black bear in which one in ten cubs are born with a white coat.  Read more about bear watching

Whale watching

The best time to visit Canada for whale watching is between April and October. There are many species that can be seen including humpback, minke, beluga, orca and grey whales as well as other wildlife including porpoise, seals and otters, to name just a few. With each wildlife experience is a healthy serving of majestic scenery – soaring mountains, hidden inlets, frozen wilderness, beautiful rainforest, pristine islands and much more. Read more about whale watching

The whale watching trip was lovely and we saw a number of whales, which were just fascinating. We did also see plenty of bears, mainly at the sides of the roads, as well as plenty of bald eagles. Other than that we saw an elk munching away on a bush, plenty of deer, red and ground squirrels, mountain sheep and a raccoon. They were all as fascinating as each other! Petra Neumayer, Tailor Made Canada

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British Columbia

BC is known for its stunning scenery, parks, abundant wildlife and plenty of outdoor activities. It is the stronghold for grizzlies; visit the northeast coast of Vancouver Island between June and September to combine grizzly bear viewing with a chance to spot black bears and orcas. Discover more


Churchill in Manitoba offers one of the world's best wildlife experiences - join a tundra buggy safari along the shores of the Hudson Bay in October and November in search of the mighty polar bear. However, polar bears are not the only wildlife celebrities in Hudson Bay; every summer, between July and August, some 3000 beluga whales return to give birth and feed. Join a boat trip for a close encounter with these inquisitive whales. Discover more

Atlantic Canada

The Eastern side of Canada with its Atlantic coastline is one of the best places in the world for whale watching. Together with prolific birdlife, the provinces of Newfoundland and Labrador and The Maritimes are great places for wildlife encounters.


The St Lawrence river, north of Québec city, is home to an astonishing amount of marine wildlife and maritime history. From here you can join a voyage or boat excursion to cruise in search of whales, seals and a varierty of seabirds. Discover more

Arctic Canada

A visit to Northern Canada offers opportunities to venture out across the Arctic tundra to find polar bears and other wildlife, as well as the chance of catching a glimpse of the aurora borealis. Discover more


The wild and lightly populated landscapes of the Yukon are home to caribou, moose and grizzly bears offering rewarding encounters for those wanting to venture off the beaten track. Discover more


Read first hand accounts of unforgettable encounters with Canada's wildlife on our blog

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Canada Wildlife Grizzly Bear
In awe and wonder, we watched in silence as surely nature's most extraordinary spectacle swirled above us.
Barry Nelson
Polar Bear Adventure

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