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If you are happy to take the wheel and drive, then Chile will reward you with some incredible sights and amazing explorations. Generally speaking, the main tourist routes (with a few exceptions) are kept in reasonably good condition, and you will likely encounter relatively few other cars – depending on the region and time of year in which you travel. Having your own vehicle allows for an independent approach, with greater freedom and flexibility to explore off the beaten track and means you can spend more time at the locations that interest you the most.

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While it is not mandatory to hire a 4x4 vehicle in the majority of locations, we do recommend them. They afford you a smoother, more comfortable journey, additional storage and seating space and increased possibilities for unplanned adventures.

Chile is one of the safest countries on the continent and the locals are often all too willing to help a tourist in need, whatever the reason. Our detailed documentation and 24 hour local assistance will ensure you are always well informed and looked after for the duration of your journey.

Our collection of fly-drive holidays includes options in each of the main hubs of the Atacama, Lake District, Carretera Austral, Southern Patagonia and beyond. All can be tailored and merged easily and endlessly to meet with your specific preferences and requirements. Indeed, only on Easter Island, where car insurance cannot be attained and the historic and cultural nature of the attractions means a guide is essential, would we not recommend fly-driving for the average first or second time visitor.

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Like in almost all of her South American neighbours, the residents of Chile drive on the right hand side of the road, but aside from this, driving here is not all that different from the UK. Other road users are generally polite and safety conscious and even in the cities, the chaotic 'free for all' that can be so off putting elsewhere, does not exist here. While most signage will be in Spanish, property and place names should be recognisable enough for English eyes to identify without difficulty.

Toll roads are frequent and although rates are often inexpensive, most must be paid for locally and in cash (Chilean Pesos), so it is important to ensure you carry a supply of small change with you at all times.

Don't forget, you can mix, match and tailormake all of our Chile fly-drive holidays to best suit your requirements!

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