The Icebar

ICEBAR at the Icehotel

One of the special features at the Icehotel is the ICEBAR. Like the Icehotel itself, no two designs are alike and every year a stunning bar is built of blocks of pure ice with a creatively carved backdrop.

Marvel at the innovative design and architectural brilliance - this large space often boasts striking columns, an impressive vaulted ceiling, stylish sculptures and subtle lighting to create a wonderful ambience.

While away an evening with other guests, relax in the seating area with its cosy reindeer-skins and sip vodka cocktails served 'in the rocks' using ice glasses. You can warm up with a hot chocolate if you prefer – just don’t put your cup down on the bar!

Guests arriving at the Icehotel pay a daytime visit to the bar so take your camera along then. In the evening it's time chill out in the 'coolest bar in the world'.


Experience the UK's only permanent bar made of ice, ICEBAR LONDON, created by a team of ice sculpting artists from the Icehotel and located on Mayfair’s exclusive Heddon Street.

This is the perfect setting to catch a glimpse of the experience waiting for you in Swedish Lapland or reminisce upon your return.

Built with crystal clear ice from the Icehotel’s River Torne in Swedish Lapland, the ICEBAR is re-designed once a year. So don your ice cape and gloves, sip cocktails in ice glasses and admire the uniqueness of the ICEBAR before heading to the warmth of the adjacent belowzero lounge and restaurant.

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