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Extremely sure-footed and strong, Icelandic horses are able to navigate tough terrain and have a unique ‘tolt’ gait. Combined with a gentle, friendly disposition and eagerness to please, this breed is a delight for anyone to ride, no matter what level of experience.

The Icelandic horse is a breed apart, descended from stock brought over by settlers some 1100 years ago. Since then, stringent import controls have restricted other breeds from entering the country, maintaining the lineage of this unique horse as the purest in the world.

Exploring Iceland’s breathtaking scenery on horseback is an exhilarating way of experiencing the fantastic landscapes and heightens the sense of magnificence. Quite simply, the Icelandic horse is a wonder of the equine world and to ride a ‘Viking’ horse in its native land is more than a privilege.

We offer a horse riding excursions from many places should you wish to have a taste of what these amazing animals can do.

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Iceland Snaefellsnes Horse Riding Beach
East Iceland has an undiscovered feel about it - it's a place that'll kindle the explorer in you. The trails are uncrowded and the landscapes vividly colourful and varied. On the coast you'll hike along indigo fjords and hidden valleys. From the mountainous interior you'll take in views of an uninhabited world of icecaps, glacier-fed rivers and roaring waterfalls. As a hiking destination, it hits the mark squarely.
Cathy Harlow

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