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Home to an abundance of wildlife, including the 'Big Five', a wealth of marine life and over 700 recorded bird species, Namibia is a naturalist's heaven. Wildlife is so important to Namibians that it was the first country in the world to enshrine the protection of the environment in its constitution. Boasting the last free-roaming desert rhinos in the world as well as the single largest remaining cheetah population, Namibia is also one of only two countries in the world where you can see desert adapted elephants.

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The jewel in Namibia's wildlife crown is Etosha National Park. Etosha is bigger than Wales and is home to over 100 species of mammals and 240 bird species. Staking out a position at a waterhole is a rewarding way to watch game without moving from one spot.

The AfriCat Foundation is a highlight of any visit to Namibia. AfriCat is most well known for cheetahs, but they also work with leopards, lions, hyenas and wild dogs. As the wildlife here is collared, a game drive with a tracker usually offers a strong chance of encountering big cats at close range, although sightings can never be guaranteed. Discover the World are big advocates of the AfriCat Foundation and are proud to sponsor a cheetah there, called Dune. Read Dune's story. You can find out more about AfriCat and how you can support their work discover more about AfriCat

Damaraland is the best place in Namibia to see animals completely unfenced and in the wild. Though you will not see animals in large quantities here, the sightings can be more rewarding. As well as elephants, it is also possible to see desert adapted rhino, giraffe and lion in this area.

Kayaking is a fantastic way to experience the marine wildlife up close including Cape fur seals in their thousands, bottlenose and Haviside's dolphins, pelicans and flamingos. If you are lucky, you may also spot whales, leatherback turtles and sunfish.

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The living desert tour from Swakopmund is a real wildlife geek’s day out! I was in my element, on my knees in the warm desert sand, just a few kilometres from the Atlantic Ocean. We were searching for shovel-snouted lizards, spiders, sidewinder snakes, chameleons and geckos. The guide was brilliant - engaging, humorous and vastly knowledgeable. The trip culminated with a rollercoaster ride in our Land Rover Defender up and down massive dunes with views of the sea – a must do for the wannabe Attenborough!
Rhys, Namibia Travel Specialist
We were sitting by the waterhole in the dark, when I heard a rustling amongst the trees to the right and then the biggest elephant I've ever seen appeared and strolled up to the edge of the waterhole. I was in awe, the sight was beyond my wildest dreams and if that wasn't enough, a rhino and her calf joined the elephant.  This was just one of many amazing memories I came home with from Namibia, a destination that I definitely will return to.
Lynne Raw
Operations Manager

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