Top 10 Aurora Experiences

Author of Northern Lights Travel Guide, Will Gray is, in his own words, a fanatical follower of protons! Here, he highlights his most memorable experiences in his quest to see the aurora...

© Will GreyNorthern lights in the Arctic, Will Gray

1. Enjoy delicious local seafood at Iceland's Hotel Ranga before soaking in an outdoor hot tub under the northern lights.
We recommend: Aurora Nights Fly Drive »

2. Cruise along the Norwegian coast on a Hurtigruten steamer, watching the aurora dancing above a wild and wonderful landscape of mountains and islands.
We recommend: In Pursuit of the Aurora »

3. Ride a snowmobile across a frozen lake in Swedish Lapland, pause to admire the aurora, then celebrate with a vodka 'in the rocks' at the Icehotel's icebar.
We recommend: Icehotel Break »

4. Join a professional aurora hunter on an all night chase from the city of Tromso in arctic Norway, well-known for its sky-filling sightings.
We recommend: Tromso, Abisko and the Icehotel »

5. Take the chairlfit up to the Abisko Sky Station, Sweden, resisting sleep as some of the world's clearest auroral displays glow overhead.
We recommend: Northern Lights, Abisko and the Icehotel »

Aurora Sky Station, Swedish Lapland

6. A stunning wilderness location, the convenience of fully inclusive tour durations and a host of winter activities await in Finnish Lapland.
We recommend: Nellim Wilderness adventure »

7. Combine Iceland and the Icehotel in Swedish Lapland for a dual destination aurora-chasing extravaganza.
We recommend: Icehotel and Iceland »

8. Enjoy spring on the sparkling east coast of Greenland, dog sledding by day, aurora gazing by night.
We recommend: Greenland Husky Adventure »

9. Head to the Yukon for aurora hunting Canadian-style, complete with dog sledding and snowmobiling through the wilderness.
We recommend: Yukon Winter Dream »

10. Pamper yourself by day in Iceland's Blue Lagoon and spend the nights aurora gazing from the Northern Light Inn's 360° observation lounge.
We recommend: Blue Lagoon Spa Break »

Blue Lagoon, Iceland

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