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With excellent air, road and rail links between Norway and Sweden it’s easy to combine Swedish Lapland’s breathtaking Icehotel with Norway’s fjords and mountains.

The railway line between the Norwegian town of Narvik on the shores of the North Sea and Kiruna, close to the Icehotel, is an incredibly scenic journey as it winds its way through the mountainous scenery of Abisko. Keep a look out for moose and reindeer en route.

Located in the tiny hamlet of Jukkasjarvi, the Icehotel is recreated each December, then left to melt back into the river Torne in April, so no two Icehotels are the same. This testament to art and design is totally unique and has to be seen to be believed. Spend one night ‘sleeping on ice’, which is far more comfortable and warmer than you might think, and explore your surrounds on excursions, perhaps by husky sled, snowmobile or reindeer safari.  

Teaming the magnificent Icehotel with Norway’s spectacular landscapes is a combination that’s hard to beat so we’ve created a collection of multi-centre holidays. Alternatively, we can create a tailor made itinerary which suits your preferences, time-scale and budget, talk to our Nordic specialists about this option.

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Nothing we have ever done comes close… One life, live it!

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