When to Visit

A year-round destination, Norway is stunning at any time of the year. Its scenery is spectacular whether you're cruising in winter under the glow of the northern lights or walking under apple blossom in early summer.

Summer in Norway

The spring and summer months are ideal for exploring the head-spinningly beautiful fjords or the dramatic coastline with its colourful fishing villages. With clear open roads and crisp blue skies, its the perfect season for a self drive holiday, or take to the sea and cruise through a maze of deep fjords and scattered islands.

In May the fjords come alive with orchard blossom while August sees the region reaping its annual crop of apples, plums and cherries. If you are interested in bird watching then May until the end of July is the time for good sightings.

June, July and August give the best prospects for fine weather with temperatures in the Bergen area averaging 14°C (57°F). These are also the best months for wild flowers, with the latter two months being considered high season. The beautiful autumn colours begin to appear in September and you may be lucky enough to experience some of the first sightings of the northern lights. 

In summer, the midnight sun bathes the landscape in a wonderful golden glow. The further north you go, the longer the days. The hours of almost endless light give you plenty of time to soak up the scenery and experience a wealth of activities - cycling, kayaking, hiking and cruising.


Winter in Norway

During the winter months you'll experience a completely different side to Norway. When all is unerringly quiet and the blue-black waters contrast with the blinding white of the snow blanketing the surrounding mountains, hills and valleys, the scenery is even more dramatic than during the summer.

The extra dusting of snow adds to the magnificence of the fjords and it's a pleasure to visit some of the more popular areas at this quieter time of year – you’ll have the lookout stops practically to yourself for ideal photo opportunities. In northern Norway set sail  on a Hurtigruten coastal voyage. Access to the North Cape in winter is generally only by Hurtigruten - here you can take in the views over the wild North Sea at the northernmost part of continental Europe.

The further north you travel the shorter the days, until you reach the high latitudes above the Arctic Circle and meet the polar night. The sun might not rise above the horizon between December and mid-January, but the magical blue light this creates together with snow, the moon and stars, adds to this unforgettable Arctic experience.

And of course, the extended and very dark nights during the winter months provide fantastic opportunities to witness the incredible aurora borealis between September and early April.






Everyone told us how beautiful it is but we weren’t prepared for just how stunning the mountains, fjords and waterfalls really are.
Mrs Waddingham
Norwegian Fjord Odyssey

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