Sweden Family Holidays

Sweden offers active families a natural outdoor playground on a whole new level, especially in the summer. Scandinavia basks in long hours of daylight from June until September and the long days are perfect for exploring in the great outdoors.

Just a short haul flight away there are pristine wilderness areas in places like Varmland, which are just made for outdoor family adventures. Hike through quiet forests or explore by bike on the numerous cycling and mountain biking trails. Paddle across lakes in canoes and kayaks, then float down meandering rivers on a Huckleberry-Finn style timber raft.

Family and a Canone on a Beach in Varmland, Sweden

Stay in log cabins, family-run hotels and B&Bs, or even camp out in a teepee tent and cook your dinner over a camp-fire. Listen for the sounds of beavers sploshing into the water and keep your eyes peeled for moose – if you can keep awake after all that fresh air!

If you and your family prefer the seaside, further south there are stretches of beautiful coastline around Skane and island archipelagos, such as the Koster Islands, to discover. Swim, cycle, snorkel and experience a taste of Scandinavian summer living - add an extra cultural dimension to this by including time in historic maritime cities like Stockholm and Gothenburg.

Beach Huts in Skane, Sweden

Sweden also offers some great family holiday options in winter if you have older children or teenagers. Lapland is a magical setting for a winter family holiday, with the incredible Icehotel and traditional family-run guesthouses offering the chance to try winter activities like husky sledding, snowmobiling and snowshoeing. You might even see the northern lights...

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Sweden West Koster Islands Walking
It was such a wonderful experience and I just can't thank you enough for making it so perfect! 
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